This is a new product for us and its one of those things that just kinda happened.

A while back we made a few slides out of beer bottles just for ourselves, every time we used them we got asked where we got them from so eventually we gave in and here you have it, hand cut slides from beer bottle necks. These truly are bottle neck slides in every sense of the word and to top it all off they work very very well.

After we cut the neck down we grind and sand the ends to make sure there are no nasty sharp edges to ruin your performance.

They work perfect for cigar box guitars, the useable part of the slide measures just under 2 inches so they are a little short for use on a six string guitar. Personally I find the smaller size and slight conical shape is perfect for three and four sting instruments.

The best part is they look totally cool.

We got these on eBay and Etsy so go get you one