Sometimes something is so cool you thought it could never exist. So cool that the universe simply wouldn’t allow it. So cool that if it ever did exist bad things would happen like the laws of physics would stop, the sun would super nova, fire and brimstone coming down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling, dogs and cats living together… Okay you get the picture. Well here at R Brand we decided to throw caution to the wind and risk all of that.

We proudly present to you the all new, totally cool, fully functional (well as a guitar anyways) Police Box Guitar.

We came up with this baby as our way of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the longest running Sci-fi show in television history. I think you know the one. As you can see from the pictures below its based on the classic British Police box from the 1950’s, and sports a beautiful Gallifreyan design on the neck.


  • Custom made box
  • Poplar neck
  • Red Oak fingerboard
  • “All of Time and Space” fingerboard design
  • 21 Frets
  • 25” Scale
  • 3 string – tuned to open G
  • Acoustic/electric

PS. This product is not endorsed by or in any way associated with the BBC, Doctor Who, or the TARDIS. Any similarity is purely umm accidental.