We love Finks boxes, partly because they are great sounding boxes and partly because they are based right here in San Antonio. The 1893 boxes have a nice vintage look and they have a nice thin top so you get a wonderful tone. This is a big box so you get lots of volume and we cut eight sound holes to let all that sound out.

Nice simple Yellow Pine neck with a Poplar fret board and black inlay fret lines and fret markers.

This is a really nice sounding guitar, if your looking for a fret-less with a great look then this one is for you.

**SOLD** Shes up for garbs on EBay and Etsy

  • Finks 1893 Box
  • Yellow Pine Neck
  • Poplar finger board
  • Black dot fret markers
  • 22 Black fret lines (Fret less) 
  • 25” Scale
  • 3 string – tuned to open G
  • Acoustic/electric
  • Volume control
  • 1/4 Inch jack

DSC01780DSC01781DSC01783 DSC01773 DSC01774 DSC01775 DSC01776 DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01779   DSC01782