When it comes to Cigar Box Guitars you really cant go wrong with this one.

Everything you need in a CBG and nothing you don’t, the Curly Head box looks great with a cool vintage vibe, the six brass sound holes play well off the gold on the box. Poplar neck and fret board with Red Oak fret markers top every thing of.

Oh and did I mention the tone? This baby has tone for days, she is not the loudest acoustically but she has a wonderful voice, plug he in though and she really shines, with a little overdrive you get all twangy, dirty CBG sound you need.

This really is a great guitar, grab one today on EBay or Etsy.

  • Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe Box
  • Poplar Neck
  • Poplar finger board
  • Red Oak fret markers
  • 23 Frets
  • 25” Scale
  • 3 string – tuned to open G
  • Acoustic/electric
  • Volume control
  • 1/4 Inch jack

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